Nils Frahm

I haven't posted on this blog in about 5 years but I'm gonna start posting again. I'm a bit older now and things have changed and I'm not even sure if people blog shit these days! But anyway hope you like the info....

Back in the Summer Nils Frahm guested and co-hosted on Giles Peterson's six music show. Its old now but the tracklist is something special and well worth checking out. Lots of interesting obscure shit going down and the interview is in depth. Hear Nils talk about his process of creating his amazing part on the score for the film Victoria, what really makes Nils tick, his piano or his electronic modulers. Also find 
out the real meaning of DJ Koze's name...

Stream Radio Show


Victoria Film Trailor

80s Freestyle Mix

One of the Social's own, Chris Perks, hitting the ground running with this banging 80's freestyle mix! Put together on sound forge but if you wanna here the real deal, Perks will be DJing on Friday night at Video Clash at the Star of Bethnal Green. Its FREE to get in so come on down.


Monet - Give In To Me (1987, Ligosa Records)
Le Foxxe - French Kiss (1985, Telestar)
Shantelle - Love Attack (1985, Pandisc)
Debbie Deb - When I Hear Music (1983, Jam Packed)
Shannon - Let the Music Play (1983, Emergency Records)
Midnight Fantasy - Come Back To Me (1987, Tropical Heat)
PSO - Wanna Be Startin' Something (1986, Sunnyview Records)
Noella - Lonely Days (1987, Magic Man Records)

Text Records

Burial, Thom Yorke, and Four Tet collaborate on new 12" release for Text Records, TEXT010. Side A is called Ego and on the Flip is Mirror. There's no surprises here either, it sounds exactly how you would expect it to. Each collaborator putting their unique sound on the table and it weaves together quite perfectly. Fans already showing their support as it sold out on pre sale before anyone had even heard it! Shops are getting it on the 17th March and it will probably appear on ebay for hilarious prices very soon. Check it out below.....

Side A
Burial, Four Tet, and Thom Yorke- Ego

Side B
Burial, Four Tet, and Thom Yorke- Mirror

More new stuff out on 7th March on Hebden's Text label worthy of note is a split 12" with Four Tet and Daphni. Daphni being a new alias from Dan Snaith of Caribou. Both tunes pretty dance floor friendly following in simular veins from the previous LP's from both artists. Check em out......

Four Tet- Pinnacles

Daphni- Ye Ye

Buy it at Rough Trade

Jamie xx

Jamie xx remixes the whole Gil Scott-Heron 'We're new Here'. Everybody knows about this album and everyone knows its gonna be a great listen. The Deluxe Box set has especially caught my eye, as you can see from the image it looks pretty smooth. Purpose built record box with die cut sleeves, 2 x 180 gram coloured vinyl, one record with the full album and the second with all the instrumentals, CD digital copies of the same, and two limited art prints. All this for £25, not bad.

The album speaks for itself, so just gonna leave you with the closing track which is a synth disco number; Jamie twisting Gil's crackling voice between piano stabs and those famous echoing guitars that defined The xx's LP.........



Buy the Box Set

Buy the Standard LP

Echo Lake

Check the flyer, check the band, turn up at the venue, buy the 12", thats all you got to do to have a wicked Saturday night.


I recently purchased this book which shows an amazing portrayal of Joy Division through an extensive series of mostly unseen photographs by photographer Kevin Cummins. A 208 page hardback book covering live performances, practices and general downtime with the band. Cummins became big in the late 70s photographing musicians such as David Bowie, Patti Smith, and The Sex Pistols, going on to a 25 year career for NME magazine for which he was chief photographer. The iconic images are also accompanied with concert tickets, unreleased record sleeves, fan club badges, and Factory Records flyers. Also included are original lyrics from notebooks written by Ian.

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